Raise Your Income!

How often do you sit around and wonder how to make more money and get more people to buy more from your company? Its one of the most basic problems every company faces.

The answer is astonishingly simple. Too simple maybe. But Ive seen it work over and over again with our customers in every line of business you can imagine.

You have to promote. Your income is determined by how much marketing you do. There are many effective marketing methods and you shouldnt do just one. Even those whose products are strictly sold on-line, you still need to utilize those other methods of promotion. Your income is definitely 100% affected by how much promotion you do.

So raising your income is simply a matter of keeping in touch with your existing customer base, reminding them you are there, offering them goods or services they might be interested in, in such a way that they
want to buy more and more often from you. And increasing the size of your customer base by finding and contacting potential customers and persuading them to buy your products or services and then adding them to your customer base and keeping in touch with them in the same way.

If you have a good service or product and you make sure you service your customers well, you cannot fail to raise your income.

How rapidly you raise your income depends on how rapidly you do these actions, how much you promote. Handling the quantity or volume of promotion is definitely the most obvious thing you can do on an immediate basis. Believe it or not, if you send out crappy, crappy promotion, your income will go up. You may not be happy with the Return on your Investment (ROI) for that marketing effort, but definitely it will raise your income. Once quantity is handled and you are sending out loads of promotion, you want to tweak it and raise the quality of your promotion. And here are some things you can do.

Use Offers to Improve Your Response.

One of the barriers to buying which you work hard to overcome is “no hurry.” Why buy it now when I can think about it for a few weeks, shop around a little and get back to you, maybe? Familiar with that “Im
interested. Ill get back to you.” Or the card you have designed and mailed out gets put in a drawer somewhere for possible follow up, maybe next year some time.

One way to deal with this is to reward those who buy now and penalize those who dont. How? With some special offer and one that is attractive and one which has a time element attached to it. “Order your new
lawnmower now and well give you a free edger. Offer good until the end of May.” (Or whatever, you get the idea). Obviously the offer must be financially feasible for you so youll have to do some number crunching before you make the offer.

You can tie these special offers in to some particular event or season (like jewelry for Valentines Day or flowers or chocolates or just about anything for Christmas) but you dont have to.

Special Offers help you maximize on your direct mail marketing and keep your customers ordering from you when you want them to. Its just one more way to be in control of your promotion.

You can control how much and how fast your company grows.

Get Out Of Personal Debt!

Dealing with credit card debt is not as hard as you may think. If there’s any consolation, you’re not the only one facing such situation. At some point, many people like you face financial crises with credit card debt.

So any money above and beyond your normal payment is applied solely towards the principle of the loan.

Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?

Debt is a hard thing to live with, reduce debts today! Youre not alone. Many people face a financial crisis some time in their lives. Whether the crisis is caused by personal or family illness, the loss of a job, or overspending, it can seem overwhelming.

For many Americans debt is an overwhelming problem, a stressor that can quickly take hold of ones life. When there are bills attached to house, boat, automobiles, college tuition, and daycare, its not hard to imagine that many folks can quickly be swept under the current of spending which can unexpectedly whirl into deep debt.

Get Out of Personal Debt

Are you wondering where all your hard earned money has gone? There are many reasons as to why you may be in debt and a lot of this fall on you just spending too much.

Credit cards

Many people rely on credit cards not realizing this will aggravate the situation and result in more financial difficulty. Credit cards give us a false wealth. Banks give maximum amounts you can use every month letting you think you have that amount to use up. Think twice before you let it be swiped. Realize that for every swipe there is an added amount of interest hiding there somewhere. Use your credit card only for big things (pertaining to the more pricey items). Always get zero interest rates and discounts your credit card company offers. If they don’t have zero interest rates settle for the lowest interest fees.

Limit yourself to having one or two credit cards. By limitation you limit yourself in spending too. That would definitely ease your wallets famine days.


Bankruptcy is not your only option. Millions of people credit is devastated by bankruptcy every year. Though filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will clear you of any obligation to creditors, it is devastating to your credit and will ride your credit report for ten years.

Make a Budget. If you want to have a grab of your financial situation before you lose everything, making a budget is what you should do first. Assess how much do you get from your income or other means and your expenditures. For example, if getting that posh apartment means you have to limit your meals to once a day, then it is not a great and sound budgeting decision. Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?

The UK attitude toward debt has received a major shift over the past few years. Where once the UK was seen as a nation that held up thrift as being virtue and considered debt a vice, it has now changed to owing 1.3 trillion on mortgages, credit cards and other loans.

Some people have expressed skepticism that you can actually negotiate with creditors using our strategy or other creative methods of reducing debts. This can be a boon or a bane. If you are a wise spender you will use it to your advantage. Always remember to get the lowest interest fees or better the one with zero interest rates. Installment plans are very important thing to look into. Be sure you can pay for that specific amount every month. If not go for a plan with longer plans (i.e. 12 months or 2 years to pay) look into these interest rates as well. Be sure you pay your loans before its due date; late payments are bad for your wallet they bring more fees to pay.


Spending more than you can afford? Limit your spending.

Keep the change

Coins, oh yes they are gifts from above. Save them. At the end of the day you find yourself having a few coins in your pockets keep them. Coins may not be much today but after a few months it will be more than you ever imagined. If you dont like coins that much have the bank exchange them for bills once you save a good amount.

Catastrophic incidences

Be sure to have an account to place your I.C.E (incase of emergency) funds. You never know when you will need it.

Now you know it all boils down to just one thingsavings. This is what a bank is good at. Why dont you visit the bank nearest you and see that saving does bring financial success. Lastly, think positive your mind can do wonderspositive thoughts bring positive results. Believe that you are prosperous always. It may be more convenient to make one payment rather than several. Or you can improve your cash flow in the short term by reducing monthly outgoings. But this may cost you more over time because you are paying the debt off over a longer period of time.

If you’ve got a number of credit cards and insurmountable credit card debt, then perhaps it’s time to consider a debt consolidation loan. A consolidation loan is a loan that you can use to pay off all your debts, meaning that you can pay them off for less money without having to worry about lots of different bills.

The prospects of managing financial obligations have just gotten worse, as Congress has passed legislation that will make bankruptcy filings more difficult than ever.

Debt Elimination tips shows how Millions of Americans are living on the edge of financial disaster surviving only on the hope of next week’s paycheck. The average American is dying under a load of debt, with little or nothing building in the bank or in investments.

Constantly Planning to Get Out of Debt

Having a constant plan to get out of debt will help you keep your finances in order.

When you keep your focus on your debt and money situation, you are able to better control it.

Most advisors will tell you that you need to be debt free. Yes, that is the ultimate goal, but for many people, it isn’t exactly reality. There are situations, like buying a home, in which you have to accept debt.

There is good debt and bad debt. Good debt is debt you can afford and bad debt is debt you can’t afford. That’s all there is to it. If you can afford your mortgage, car payment and RV payments, then it is alright. If you can’t, then it isn’t good debt.

When it comes to credit cards, however, they are bad debt, regardless. You will eventually reach a point where you can’t afford them. That is almost guaranteed.

The key is to constantly work to paying off yoru debt. Start with your credit cards and high interest loans. Focus on paying off the cards with the highest interest rates to start with. This will save you money in the long run.

Once you have all of your credit cards and personal loans paid off, start working towards your autos and student loans. I like to focus on what has the lowest balance to pay off first. This helps you knock things off rather quickly — adding to your gratification. If everything is about equal in balance and interest rate, I pick the highest monthly payment.

When you pay off a high monthly payment loan, you free up more money to put towards the next debt.

When you have your cars and student loans paid off, the next thing you have is your mortgage. You can be working on your mortgage throughout the process as well. By adding as little as $100 a month to the average mortgage, you can knock several years and thousands of dollars off the mortgage.

That’s the overall game plan. But be aware that it can change.

For example, you may find that you are in a situation in which you must have a new, reliable vehicle. You don’t want to spend your emergency savings. The only debt you have is your mortgage. You are able to afford the monthly payments, yet plan to pay it off as quickly as possible. Then go ahead and finance a reasonably priced vehicle. Transportation is very important for work, school and other obligations.

What you must do is adapt your debt-reduction plan around the new car payment. Although you have added debt, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t work to be debt free.

Financial management is built around the idea that you must be flexible and able to adapt to the situation with smart choices. Too many people believe that there is a right way and a wrong way. That isn’t necessarily true.

Viral Marketing Tips

Viral marketing is a technique that is used by many people, yet it is still relatively unknown. Many people hear the words viral marketing or viral traffic, and think that it has something to do with a virus. Fortunately, viral marketing and viral traffic have nothing to do with people spreading viruses via email, etc.

Viral marketing is simply defined. It is any strategy that is implemented to encourage people to pass on a marketing message to others; which in turn creates the potential for growth and more people seeing your message. Viral marketing also increases targeted traffic.

The only way viral marketing is similar to a virus is in the way it can expand and replicate at a very quick pace. This can cause for viral traffic to pick up, and your marketing message to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Before you begin a strategy to increase viral traffic or targeted traffic you must understand that some strategies work better than others. But if you put the proper amount of research into your viral traffic strategy you will increase your odds of coming up with a successful program. There are a couple of important tips that you should keep in mind when trying to increase viral traffic, they are as follows:

1. The most important aspect to remember when trying to increase viral or targeted traffic is to give something away for free. Everybody likes free stuff, and if you are giving something away that people like there is a better chance that your recipients will pass on your marketing message. The word free alone will increase your viral traffic. As far as how long it will take to increase traffic is not as easy to determine. Some viral marketing programs take off right away, where as others build slowly. It all depends on your strategy, and what you are giving away.

2. To increase viral traffic you must also make sure that your message is easily transferable from one person to the next. You will never increase your viral traffic if you have to depend on somebody else to pass along your information. It should be automatically done via email, websites, or even software downloads. The bottom line is that you need to make sure your viral marketing message is concise, to the point, and easily transferable.

3. Before putting a strategy in place to increase viral traffic you will want to make sure that you can handle the traffic and requests that come along with it. This goes along with doing your research before starting. If you cannot handle the new viral traffic, all your hard work will mean nothing in the end.

4. One of the easiest ways to increase viral traffic is to use existing networks. In other words, implement your strategy to touch base with people who will be interested, and therefore pass your information onto other people in their network. This will ensure that you get a good group of targeted traffic to take notice of your project. You need to be giving away your free gifts to people that will use them, so targeted traffic is very important. By working within a network you will have a better chance of driving up targeted traffic, which will help your strategy spread.

5. Do not rely on yourself to do all of the work when it comes to attempting to increase viral traffic. Even though you will be putting the overall strategy into effect, you should still be able to use other resources to increase targeted traffic. Affiliate programs and press releases are two great ways to increase targeted traffic without having to put in too much work.

Overall, viral marketing is a great way to get exposure and increase profit. If your strategy does a good job of bringing in targeted traffic there is no reason that you should not be able to accomplish the goals that you have set forth.

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